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Redeem UV


If you’ve tried to redeem one of your UltraViolet digital movie codes, you know that it can be a difficult process. Here is a helpful hint to ease the confusion and help you get the most out of Redeem UV.Create and link vudu and CinemaNow accounts to one UltraViolet account. UltraViolet requires codes to be redeemed through their partnered retailers. This wouldn’t be a problem except none of the retailers have all of the UltraViolet titles available for redemption. The way to get around this is to have all your retailer accounts linked to one UltraViolet account, that way any UltraViolet code redeemed in one retailer will be added to your library in all the others.
Example: I always use vudu to view my Ultraviolet movies, so I go there first to redeem a code. I type the title in the search box but cannot find a match. The title is not available. No problem, next I search for the movie in CinemaNow and find it, enter the code and redeem my movie. I then exit the Redeem UV app and go to the free vudu app to check my library. The movie I just redeemed is now available in my vudu library even though I had to go to CinemaNow to redeem the code!
Give Redeem UV a try! Redeem UltraViolet digital movie codes through your linked vudu or CinemaNow account. If you are not satisfied, return to this app page within 15 minutes of installing and select "Refund" to cancel your order! Thank you for your support!